Draft Specification


MonStrPub (Mon Streams Publishing) is an extension to ActivityPub for federated interactions between trainers and mon. This document describes the various specifications which make up MonStrPub.

1. Introduction

Mon are imaginary creatures which can be collected and interacted with by trainers. MonStrPub is a specification for federated interactions between trainers and mon.

This document outlines the different components of the specification, and describes which components are REQUIRED.

The key words MUST, MUST NOT, REQUIRED, SHOULD, SHOULD NOT, RECOMMENDED, NOT RECOMMENDED, MAY, and OPTIONAL are to be interpreted as described in RFC2119.

2. Required Specifications

Conforming MonStrPub implementations MUST meet the appropriate conformance requirements as outlined in the following specifications:


The Roleplaying Vocabulary extends the Activity Vocabulary with new types and properties for describing various roleplaying ideas. Other components of this specification MAY be implemented to provide additional functionality.

Mon Vocabulary

Extends the Roleplaying Vocabulary with actions and types for finding, capturing, and interacting with mon. Defines the core objects of MonStrPub and their basic relationships.

MonStrPub Core

Extends ActivityPub to support the Mon Vocabulary by defining special processing rules for certain object types. Outlines basic server treatment and handling of trainers and mon.

3. Optional Specifications

The following specifications are OPTIONAL for conforming MonStrPub support:

MonStrPub Capsule Captures

Describes conformance requirements for handling mon:Capture actions on a probabilistic basis, making use of a new item type, mon:Capsule.

MonStrPub Levels

Describes conformance requirements for representing mon that can gain experience and change levels.

MonStrPub Stats

Describes conformance requirements for representing mon that have stats. Defines a common initial set of mon attributes and attribute natures.

4. Changelog

This section is non-normative.