Monstodon is a MonStrPub implementation, built on top of Mastodon's ActivityPub implementation, with some changes. That is, it is a free, open-source social-networking server software based on open standards and with support for cute, federated mon.

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Using Monstodon

If you're new to Mastodon, you should read the Mastodon User's Guide, which will take you through both the concepts of federation, and the basic features of the software.

However, no Monstodon server currently is open to the public. You'll have to wait for the project to come a little further along!

Running Monstodon

The process for running Monstodon is the same as for running Mastodon. If you are switching to Monstodon from an existing Mastodon instance, just treat this the same as you would any update.

Contributing To Monstodon

Please read the Contributing Guide.

Who Made This?

Monstodon was developed by KibiMon. It is developed primarily by and

Monstodon is built off of Mastodon, which is developed by and many others.