…is a family-run trans software collective, responsible for the MonStrPub Specification, as well as the Monstodon and Plé-Mon implementations. It was founded by KIBI Gô (hence the name) and brought to fruition through excited Discord chats, after work, and in-between episodes of Voltron.

The goals of KibiMon are to design and build social software that is enjoyable to use and which brings people closer together, by acknowledging the important roles that play, creativity, exploration, and discovery have in human interactions and relationships, as well as in the world at-large.

Too often social software is designed merely for "detached", impersonal sharing of ideas or conversation, with little thought put into how meaningful relationships develop and form through collaborative adventure and play. However, by building upon open standards, we can create our own technologies to better represent our lives—not just in big ways, like who we are or to which communities we belong, but also little ones, like what we like doing in our free time or what sorts of things we find fun.

Here at KibiMon, we like collecting and playing with cute fictional monsters. So that's the sort of software we're trying to build.

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